Collections and Memories

Why do we Collect?

Most people who collect started with a piece that inflicted a past memory.

Maybe commemorative piece from a great vacation or favorite attraction.

We all have memories that we cherish and our collections usually reflect those good times.

One of my most treasured collections is my pen collection. It was handed down to from my Dad. We collected pens of our Businesses, favorite eateries, Gas stations any place we visited and enjoyed. I have pens from every state and some from other countries.

My Wife Collected Match books and cookbooks.

Why well it is simple reminders of enjoyable places once visited, they bring us smiles and jog a memory. I always have a story to tell when asked about an item collected.

Hill Top Sales is about Memories, smiles and Stories.

Come by let our many collectible and Vintage items Remind you of a happy time. Tell us your Happy story.

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