Enjoyable travels

Why do we Love to travel?

I am sure each of us have our own answers to this question. For me it is to enjoy the time to explore.

A time to visit Family and Friends. It is also a time to shop for new treasures at new locations.

So today i invite you to Stop and see our new venture at a new location. I invite you to Make a new Friend, and find a new Treasure. Hill Top Sales is Open and ready to let you shop for your new Treasure and hopefully we will become new Friends. We like to negotiate and we love to hear and tell stories.

Here at Hill top we don’t specialize in any thing with the exception of Service, going a little further to put you first. to make you happy. We want to find what you’re looking for. we want you to be relaxed and feel special.

So as you travel the U.S. Highway 290 west of Brenham, Texas Look up on the Hill And stop and Say Hi. we are located just 8.5 mikes west of Brenham, and have an easy exit and entrance onto US 290. We look forward to meeting you.

Happy Travel, Happy Shopping, Happy Visiting.

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