1934 Chevrolet Special Sedan

This car has a great story. The car originally ordered and purchased from the Ipswich, South Dakota Chevrolet dealer. After a short time it was stored in Ipswich for many years in that dealership building. About 20 years ago it was placed up for sale, and was bought by its current owner, from here in Texas. You see I grew up not far from Ipswich, And my Dad was Car salesman from that area. Well through t he web creator of this sight, i was connected o the owner. The owner has decided to sell this ALL ORIGINAL car. I have been asked to assist in this sale. So for me it brings back many memories of my childhood watching my dad sell cars and trucks in South Dakota. Now i have a chance to sell a South Dakota Original 1934 Chevrolet special sedan. Pictures of this car will be posted soon, and you will see how special this car truly is. I hope you will find it appealing and appreciate the story. It is a rare find and as the name applies is truly a special car.

Let us k ow what you think.

Big Mike is very proud to have the opportunity to sell this SPECIAL AUTOMOBILE.

3 thoughts on “1934 Chevrolet Special Sedan

  1. Wow that is so neat. Maybe some from SD will buy it sew back.

  2. you still have that 1934 Chevy if you do what are you asking

    1. It is a consignment vehicle and stored in a climate controlled building.
      I will check with the owner and verify.
      Thank you for your interest.
      We will get back with you soon.
      BIG Mike mike@thehilltopsales.com

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