Growing up in small community poor, i was left to find cheap entertainment. so often time me and my friends would walk and hunt treasures. One of those long walks was along the old railroad tracks. We collected disposed bottles sometimes find change along the way. we would pick up just about anything we thought interesting. Most of the time the JUNK was just thrown away. the bottles return for deposit refunds. One of those trips we picked up all the loose railroad spikes. My Mom thought we had pulled them out, and was rather upset with us.

So for years i figured she disposed of those rusty old spikes. My Mom passed away several years ago and left a large portion of her personal belongings to me. You know the special stuff pictures, cards, letters, etc. Well one thing i found in the collection of MEMORIES was two OLD RUSTY railroad spikes. They were all wrapped up in tissue as though they were something real special. well to me they brought tears to my eyes, and a BROAD smile to my face. Those Spikes may be rusty old JUNK to most but forever TREASURED for me.

What JUNK or TREASURE do you have?

What treasure are you looking for?

Come and look around here at Hill Top Sales, you just might find someones JUNK that will be your Treasure, your SMILE, your Memory.

Happy hunting.

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