Grandma and Grandpas Chair

Remembering Grandma and grandpas chairs. Do you remember them sitting on the porch, watching the sun go down/ I remember those special times sitting with them on the porch, they always sat in that special chair.

When i was just a little one and memories just a blur in time of being rocked in granny”s lap. but most vivid was remembering those chairs. do you have fond memories of Grandpa and grandma when you see that special chair? does it bring a smile? well ill tell you it does just that for me.

Here at Hill Top Sales we want to bring that smile to you, that memory.

Yes it is the little things that really bring us the most smiles and joys.

I may be old by many but remembering being rocked by grandma, seems like yesterday in my mind,when i look at that old rocker. It may not look like much to most, but for me it brings my Grannies love back to me.

that is what i love about hunting TREASURE, the stories, the memories, the history.

At Hill Top Sales we want to help you find, those Treasures, Remind you of those stories, we want to hear your stories, and see your smiles.

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