Wash Day

Every time i find and old Treasure, it brings back an old memory.

Today that item is an old ringer tub washing machine,. you know the one your mom had put the clothes through the hand cranked ringer to remove the water. I remember having to crank that ringer when i was home on washing days. yes it was hard work but the clothes seem to have been cleaner and smelled better from hanging on the clothes line.

I am happy we dont have to work that hard today as it truly was an all day event to get clothes washed and hung dry. the day needed to sunny and dry, which meant wash day was not always the day you needed it to be.

Yet i have fond memories of that hard work and an appreciation of the work my mother did for us. today most of those ringers have been disposed of, We have one now sitting on the Hill Top Sales front porch.

We also soon will have a complete working one in stock. we just need to get it out and display.

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