Presidents Day

Presidents day was originally created to celebrate our first president Birthday, George Washington. Later it was declared a national Holiday to be celebrated on the third Monday in February, and to Honor all our Presidents.

Today we use it mostly as a personal time to enjoy our own activities. I use this time to reflect on our countries freedoms, and strength. How each of Presidents, lead us and helped our country become what it is today. Those who know me will wonder why i chose this topic, well it is a fact that each President has and will continue to lead our country in the direction they see best for the benefit of all.

Today also is a great time to reflect on our own past, and how our lives have changed overtime. We look back at our family stories, old family photos, Letters. We look at old collections, and remember the past. some was fun some was hard but all was a part of growing.

I love seeing old tractors and trucks, they remind me of the trust the older folks gave me as they taught me to drive, and use the implements. The work was hard but it guided me in a good direction. We dont all see the GOOD OLD DAYS as good, and see no value in the old equipment. I see the Value of lessons learned in them all.

I believe we collect antiques for the very purpose of holding onto memories of our past. I love being able to have Hill Top Sales. It allows me to see and hear the old Stories. To help find that special Item. To Celebrate a time in our country that was built with tough hands.

Lets Celebrate our Presidents as we celebrate our own life, and recognize the Hard decisions made, the hard work that was done to make our country free and strong.

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