It was Trash, and now another Treasure.

With permission from both parties of this story, i write about Trash or Treasure. Yes i did write Junk Or Treasure a month ago, but this story is one with personality.

Last week Zach Jensen was cleaning out a house for reconstruction. Doing so found a lot of items left behind, Just Trash right? Zach knowing about my store and wondering maybe Big Mike would like to have some of this. Well he left that load of “trash” here for me to sell on consignment.

You see i believed it may be treasure to some. Yesterday morning my accountant comes in and sees what “trash” i added to the shelves and found in that new Inventory a childhood memory. In a box Zach left, was a set of 1979 McDonalds collector Glasses. One was Vance Winklemans childhood memory,, a Muppet’s themed Glass that he used growing up. Yes a story told and a smile shown.

The story the memory that is the value. So Zach Thank You for bringing me the opportunity to pass on a memory, to hear a story and see a smile.

I invite everyone reading this story to bring me your “trash” to look at our inventory, and find your memory, tell us your story, let us see your smile, and Maybe help us provide that to someone who needs it.

Big Mike sees Treasure In Trash. Big Mike sees Value in Junk. Let Big Mike share it with someone else.

Hill Top Sales is about Treasure, memories, Smiles, and The Story.

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