This is a personal story. I recently was contacted online about the mirrors i have for sale on Market place. The lady sent a very nice emil offering me more money then asked for. She requested i remove the mirrors from the sale. She mailed me a check as agreed and it was for quite a bit more then the agreed price. she sent an email requesting i send the additional funds to the shipper who would pickup mirrors for her. sounds ok.

well the Check was computer generated, and looked suspicious, i took it to the bank and they agreed it looked suspicious, but all the information, was correct. we ran the check. Your right the check was returned.

So be careful with your online sales and purchases. if it seems too good, it probably is, and dont send money or product until your funds have been confirmed. This lady was in a hurry for me to send the additional funds to the shipper. I didnt, guess what she has not contacted me since. I was Lucky, i used caution.

It is easy to get caught up in the online sales, and easy to be taken advantage of. Please use caution and do business with know or confirmed reputable businesses.

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