The Legacy of Ray Thorpe

My Dad was Ray Thorpe. He was Know for his Sales abilities, His service to his customers, And For always giving a fair deal. My Dad Taught me to Listen, then deliver what the customer needed. Dealer it at a Fair price.

Like my Dad i have been selling for years, and selling many different types of assets. I have been blessed to have had successful careers, that allowed me to spend time selling.

Hill Top Sales is my Retirement career, I am here on the hill, Home on My wife’s Shirley, family Farm. This allows me to pursue my love of the land, my love of natures beauty, and buying, selling trading and consigning. we will sell and consign what you need us to. we will buy what ever will sell. We will look mostly for Antiques, and vintage, as well as the collectibles.

My Dad always closed with See the round man for, a Square deal.

I am asking you to come see Big Mike for a fair deal. Tell us your story. Let us buy and sell your treasures.

Big Mike at

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