Picking brings Memories

I was born and raised in northeast South Dakota. This area is well known for Pheasant hunting.

So when i go back to South Dakota and pick old farms, estates i often find people and stuff that illicit those early years memories. such was the case this last fast trip.

I stopped at a old family farm just North of Redfield, (self proclaimed Pheasant capital of the world) and found a fourth generation family farming, collecting and selling Antiques, and collectibles. They were carring on a handed down tradition of farming and saving the history of the past.

The collecting and selling has evolved into a large complex of several buildings and a complete involment of all the family.

The reason i Stopped was i was looking for chicken nesting boxes, and i believed they might have one. They did. But what i found was so much more. the first item i bought was a hand cranked cream seperator, then fishing stainless steel fishing poles. the cream seperator was for my personal memorie of my second farm job where we milked and sold just the cream. The fishing poles was abouthe memory of my t aunt who loved fishing and used hose type poles until she could no longer fish.

The best is the family story, dad started saving due to need, hen to preserve, and then for profit, and son carried on expanding, and now the children actively involved.

You see i started going with my dad to sales very early in life and did so all my life in a small way. now retired i opened Hill Top Sales. I must say i enjoy mostly going hunting for you. Then love selling you that special piece of your history, your special memory.

This little place in 6 months has expanded 5 times, and is full of History, and memories.

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