Old Farm Trucks

Who doesn’t have a story about the old farm truck. Ill bet most of you do.

I remember the first time this then 11 tear old redheaded boy got to drive the farm truck. OK the farm pickup, we were renting a farm house and this little boy hung out with that farmer as much as i could. soon he put me to work doing little tasks and taught me how to drive tht pickup, that was so i could get tools etc to and from the field help move equipment etc.

Boy did i think i was somebody. Then came time for harvest and i was presented the task of taking the big grain truck to the fields for filling. then would get to ride to town and deliver the grain to the elevators. Well one day old Harry was short handed and i got promoted to hauling that grain to town. it was only a few short miles and a rural area. but boy now i was a real truck driver doing a very important job.

We all know that could not happen today, but was common practice in the 60s. so many memories of those days of earning my job driving the Farm Truck. Those old trucks were special and a big part of our farm history.

I am just as proud today driving those OLD farm trucks as i was when i was just 11. Even more proud that i am able to purchase and sell those trucks to help keep the stories alive and history rolling.

Come see the OLD FARM Pickup, a 1953 Chevrolet 5 window all original farm truck rescued from my Great state of South Dakota.

Tell us your special farm truck story.

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