Big Mike Answers WHY?

I have been asked this question often recently, and have answered it with short direct answers.

This morning i’ll give you a more definitive personal answer.

I have grown up learning the value of working, striving to reach the next level. As in previous stories i start with my DAD. My dad was my best friend, my teacher, the man i admired and wanted to be. Many people who knew my Dad, my family and close friends have told me i have become my dad. I am proud of that. I personally don’t know that i have fully achieved all his skills. My dad was a people person, a salesman, who could read people. He taught me never to judge a person by what they wore or drove, but by their actions.

From as early as i can remember i tagged along with my dad and watched him buy and sell. We would go to coffee shops and he would listen, then we would go and buy what he heard people talking about. Then sell those items to the very people who said they couldn’t find it. He taught me to listen and look for what people wanted. Buy it right and sell it right.

My earliest venture into this business was when i started my paper route, i needed/wanted a bike. I had made a couple dollars and dad took me to the Police auction. I was able to purchse my first bike for just two dollars. The next auction i bought two more bikes. I put new tires and chains on them cleaned them up and sold them. I was hooked.

In my teenage years i started buying at farm auctions anything for a quater. The local sears store soon knew me by name as took broken Craftsmen tools in and got new ones i then sold. Yes i was hooked.

Well after several careers, and businesses i am Retired. Well as retired as i want to be. So living on this hill beautiful western Washington county, what else should i do but buy and sell?

You’re right i am doing what i love,. I am doing what i was taught by the man i admired the most. When i enter my store everyday i have a smile. I get to do everyday what i enjoy, buying and selling.

Is that the end to this story, NO.

you see I love people, I love the Stories, I love the History. Every purchase is me getting to hold onto a piece of history. To be able to see a smile on another person as they are reminded of a story from that special piece. what more could i want, i get to enjoy having each piece i buy, to enjoy selling each piece and hearing the story of a happy person, of happy times.

Why? not such a simple answer but it is a labor of LOVE, a tribute to my DAD. the joy of preservation, the thrill of the hunt and find, and putting it in the hands of the next person who will continue to enjoy and preserve it.


In Dedication to my DAD Ray Thorpe 1918 -2002

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