Last week a customer came in looking for an old phone.


The story was a friend used the physical attachment of picking up a OLD phone to call her loved one in HEAVEN.

We talked about the benefit of that physical motion of picking up the phone. This seemed very appropriate and satisfying to me.

Almost every day I hear someone say i wish i could just call heaven. well I am a believer that you can. As a Believer i Believe the spirit lives on. So why not call Heaven.

He told me his wife wanted to experience this calling Heaven. I had an OLD wall Phone, you know the old pea green phone that usually hung on the kitchen wall. I decided I should GIVE her this OLD phone. It is my PRAYER that she is able to connect with her Loved one in heaven.

Why do I believe? My Dad passed away, I was always missing his advice, his words of encouragement, his dry humor.

My DAD and I were very close.

I was driving alone one day in my New Truck, and felt a drop of water on my hand. my first instinct was how come this truck was leaking. Then i realized it wasn’t even raining. it was sunny day, so where is this water coming from. Wait my hand isn’t wet. Then another drop, what is happening, soon i felt a strong presence i wasn’t alone anymore. I said hello to my Dad again. Soon i realized i could call my DAD anytime i needed. Why do i tell this story?

I believe if we TRULY believe we can continue to talk to our LOVED ones.

So do you need to call heaven? Well pickup the phone and call HEAVEN.

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