What is added VALUE

Value is a little bit like the word service, it is in the eye of the person looking.

My definition of Value is recieving what i percieve as the item, purchased at the price agreed on meets the requirment for which it was purchased.

Here at Hill Top Sales we will try to find that answer, then deliver it,

The most common answer here is I need a reliable vehicle to go to and from work at a reasonable price. What is reasonable. Here again, Reasonable means different things to different people. most generally in our business it means affordable to me.

Okay the word reliable means you want to get in start it and drive to and from work, without any serious issues right? We know you are looking for a USED car with some miles on it. Some ware issues, etc.

Here at Hill Top Sales, we buy Used cars, we check them inspect them and do a full service on them. That means 128 point inspection of all operating systems including electronic CODES. We Change the oil, the filters, and any Inspection Items that fail.

We will repair or replace Brakes, charge the A/C replace wiper blades as needed. We will do what is needed to make that vehicle ready to leave our location ready to take you to and from work.

Have I given you added VALUE yet? Again this is in the eye of the buyer. We believe with the steps taken we have given you VALUE for price and met the Objective you have chosen for one of our vehicles.

We sell mostly to folks who for reasons beyond control have had credit issues. We hope we add Value by working with them to make a down Payment affordable, and monthly payments comfortable. We dont tell you what your payment has to be, we ask you what you are comfortable paying. We want you to be able to afford your payment and enjoy your Vehicle.

We HOPE we have MET the VAlUE for PRICE and a little EXTRA in your eyes.


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