1949 Ford Custom Club Coupe

Hi, I am Stephen. I chose to blog about cars because I love cars! The reason that I love cars is because they come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes, they show different types of engines, and I am looking forward to driving them.

The first car that I want to blog about is the Hotwheels version of the 1949 Ford Custom Club Coupe. I wanted to start with this one because I would really like to drive this type of car, maybe without the engine showing. There were 1,118,740 1949 Ford Custom Club Coupes sold by Ford and is valued today between $7,300 to $32,000.

This particular car is metallic red with orange and yellow flames. I think the flames are the coolest on it and i love the metallic red! Its part of Hotwheels Showroom American Turbo series from 2013.

This car would make a great collector’s piece for those who can’t afford the real thing. It is also something that is enjoyable to play with on Hotwheels Race Track systems. We are all young at heart, even those that are no longer young in age. Perfect thing for fathers and sons to bond over, I enjoy when my dad joins me in playing with cars.

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