Buying used in a tight market

Todays used car and truck market is very difficult due to low inventory numbers available.

Because new car and truck inventories are low, and prices high. We have a severe shortage of used cars. More so is availability of GOOD used cars.

In this market it has become difficult to buy, and buy at a price that is affordable to the used car buyer.

Credit has become more difficult and has required higher down payments as well as higher payments with less pay back times. What does this mean to the average Buyer? it means you MUST save more and have a larger down payment. You must have a Good job with verifiable income for the last six months. You must have a verifiable address, and contacts.

My daughter Rose and myself are very committed to helping you find and purchase as well as get financed, with a NEW TO YOU USED vehicle.

We however are not able to keep a large inventory of vehicles available. We will find buy, and get ready your choice of vehicle, at your budget and needs. Just come by and visit with us, and we will get you pre approved for financing, then find your ideal vehicle.

We have reduced our hours, but will be happy to make an appointment to meet you just about anytime conveniant to you.

Give us a chance to HELP you through this difficult market and times.

DONT FOTGET if your needing to sell we except Consignments, and we’ll sell your car for you.

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