The Day After

The day that is called Black Friday.

I have and always will wonder who and why they coined it BLACK FRIDAY?

It has become that day after being THANKFUL for all we have, then we become shopping nuts looking for the best deals.

Do we ever really get the BEST deal? I think we just try to get something priced lower then should be and it gets us in that store to buy what is marked up.

Oh yes, I have been victim of this, as most of us have.

So, why do we do it?

Let’s start a new tradition, and buy local, and buy what we need, and buy AMERICAN MADE.

Let’s get AMERICA back to work, by buying the best, at a price that allows better wages, and better benefits. Let’s put our money and time where our minds are.

Yes, today most of our electronics and clothes, etc. are foreign made; BUT WE HAVE A CHOICE, we will probably pay a little more, but we would be putting our own family and neighbors back to work, and improving our community by doing so.

Now, I don’t expect everyone to jump on this wagon immediately, but let’s start simple and load the wagon a little at a time.

Buy Local, buy American, whenever you can. BE A PROUD AMERICAN.

Here at our little shop on the hill, we have become a distributer for TEXAS manufactured RANCH HAND Solar Lighting. Yes, that’s right, made right here in TEXAS. Why solar lighting? It is convenient and can be used in remote locations, no need to run power lines, extension cords, or any electrical connections.

Ranch Hand Solar Lighting comes with all the hardware needed for installation on any type of building, or fence corals.

This product is not a normal item for us at HILL TOP SALES, but because it is TEXAS made we accepted the offer from the manufacturer to be a distributer.

Should you need remote lighting and want to help TEXANS employ TEXANS, check out these lights.

1 year warranty, with 10 year life.

Whether you buy from us or need the lighting, PLEASE BUY LOCAL AND AMERICAN, whenever you can.

I am THANKFUL for so many BLESSINGS, and I hope you have been BLESSED this year also.

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