This question has often been asked of me, and mostly answered with receiving. I grew up in a large family and generally without much money, so as a child we wanted. As I grew older and was able to have some funds, I found the rewards of Giving.

The inner feeling of seeing the smile the expression of THANKS, is warm and refreshing. I now much prefer giving when i can.

The gift may have little value, maybe it is just some of your precious time, yet a reward to those receiving.

Some of the most memorable gifts have been home made and of little value to most but treasured by me.

Yes Big Mike wants you to come by and visit us at Hill Top Sales, maybe purchase a memorable gift for that special someone.

Hill Top Sales has many choices for bring memories alive.

Come by see and remember, and if you can give a gift of memories to that someone special.

We hope to see you and hear the story, see the smile, see the brightness in the eyes.

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