Happy Birthday to Jesus Christ

Yes, it is time to CELEBRATE the Birth of our savior, JESUS CHRIST. We call it Christmas. It is a time to remember that GOD gave us his only son to come live amongst us, and teach us the way GOD would like us to live. Jesus walked amongst us in the LIKENESS of GOD. He was crucified and rose again, as an example of GOD’S promise of everlasting life. He who BELEIVES in JESUS CHRIST shall have everlasting LIFE.

John 3:16

Now, I am not here to Preach, nor Judge, I am a believer and will celebrate the Birth of JESUS. Yes, I will wish each of you a Merry CHRISTmas and wish for the best for all.

I will Give of myself for the betterment of others, where and when I can. My gift is of MYSELF, of my time, and hopefully talent.

Today, we are open on this CHRISTmas eve, and hope to see you to visit and spread some cheer.

Don’t get confused, we will sell you something special if we can, and we have some precious memories available; BUT most IMPORTANTLY, we want to spread cheer and HOPE.

It is through FAITH and HOPE that we can BELIEVE THAT eternal life can be given to each of us, The GREATEST gift of ALL.

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