Mid Century Paul Detlefsen art print named: Sturdy Landmark
This print, including frame, measures 40″ X 28″

The artist, Paul Detlefsen was one of the most well-known mid-century artists. Not only a commercial artist, he was in charge of the art department at Warner Brothers Movie studios for over 20 years specializing in creating art backdrops. He is well known for his serene landscape paintings and the signature color of red is a recognizable element in almost all of his scenic art. In the 1960s, it is estimated that well over 80 percent of Americans had seen his work.

This is one of his finest works- “Sturdy Landmark” which features an idealic village scene with a boy (in a red shirt) playing with his dog on the banks of a stream near an old but clearly sturdy covered bridge. A graceful traditional village church can be seen in the distance. Detlefsen’s classic works are snapshots in time reminiscent of a bygone era and simple pleasures in life.

H.P. Uhlmann Painting
This print, including frame, measures 44″ X 31.5″

H.P. Uhlmann is an Austrian artist, student of the Viennese romantic schooling, his paintings are a direct descendent of the famous Austrian artists of the 19th century who brought back the Romance of Country life to the landscape paintings.

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