At Your Service!

Service so often is just a word. It can mean we will do just what we said and just what you paid for. Here at Hill Top Sales, service means giving a little bit more. Something extra you don’t expect. Something we don’t have to do. In my introduction I told the brief story about… Continue reading At Your Service!

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Welcome to a New Year 2022

Welcome to a new year (2022), I’d like to take a moment to just say thank you to all of our customers. We would not be able to operate, if it weren’t for you, since no business can keep it’s doors open without customers coming and buying their products and services. We have been fortunate… Continue reading Welcome to a New Year 2022

Shop Local

Shop local is a nice line to entice you, but what is it really? For me, it is shopping your locally owned stores and shops. These are the small shops, with local folks, trying to offer goods and services to and for the local folks. Small business owners are the backbone of local communities, and… Continue reading Shop Local


This question has often been asked of me, and mostly answered with receiving. I grew up in a large family and generally without much money, so as a child we wanted. As I grew older and was able to have some funds, I found the rewards of Giving. The inner feeling of seeing the smile… Continue reading GIVING OR RECEIVING?


As a young boy, I always looked through the catalogs, with dreams of the latest greatest toys. In Church, we learned of The Birth of our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. Now in my later years, I seem to celebrate the BIRTH OF JESUS more than the gifts. I also DREAM of the memories of CHRISTmas pasts.… Continue reading CHRISTMAS MEMORIES

Security Lighting

Security lighting has become an essential part of making your property less attractive to the undesired visitor. Solar lighting has become the go-to for security lighting in remote areas where you don’t have easy access to electricity. Most of this lighting is manufactured in China or Korea. Well, now you have a choice, either made… Continue reading Security Lighting

The Day After

The day that is called Black Friday. I have and always will wonder who and why they coined it BLACK FRIDAY? It has become that day after being THANKFUL for all we have, then we become shopping nuts looking for the best deals. Do we ever really get the BEST deal? I think we just… Continue reading The Day After

Buying Used Cars

Are you looking to buy a used car? Are you unsure where to start? Are you worried about being scammed? Then this series is for you.

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1949 Ford Custom Club Coupe

Hi, I am Stephen. I chose to blog about cars because I love cars! The reason that I love cars is because they come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes, they show different types of engines, and I am looking forward to driving them. The first car that I want to blog about is… Continue reading 1949 Ford Custom Club Coupe

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