About Us

At Hill Top Sales we look for those special items our clients’ customers seek.  We will travel the roads spending the time looking for you.  We will go to the auctions, estate sales and garage sales.  We will find and buy what you seek.  If you are selling and don’t have the time, don’t want the lookers at your property or don’t want the dead-end phone calls, let Hill Top Sales sell it for you.

Hill Top Sales will give you the highest level of service at the most reasonable costs.  You will learn of the education I received while buying and delivering newspapers, taking the papers into the elderly homes.  That extra service led to more special deliveries, lifelong relationships, fond memories and the understanding of how outstanding service is still sought and needed. 

Let me, Big Mike, be your eyes, ears and time.  I will be at your service.  Again, thank you for your interest in Hill Top Sales.  As we grow and make new life friends, we will post our stories and pictures.  So, come be a part of our story.  Watch here for more stories!

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