At Your Service!

Service so often is just a word. It can mean we will do just what we said and just what you paid for. Here at Hill Top Sales, service means giving a little bit more. Something extra you don’t expect. Something we don’t have to do. In my introduction I told the brief story about growing my paper route when I was a young boy. Extra service beyond what was expected to my elderly customers who had difficulty moving, earned me their referrals and gave me the opportunity to serve others. Taking a little extra time at no charge to deliver papers to their chair or table as they needed really made a big difference. They told neighbors and friends about me, which lead me to new subscribers, new friends and relationships that have lasted a lifetime. That is what we want to do here at Hill Top Sales, give extra service, make new friends, cultivate new relationships and refer and earn referrals. Tell us your story. Let’s sit and have a cup of coffee on the porch at Hill Top Sales. The view is beautiful!

Speaking of stories, I must tell you about the designer and creator of this website. Ms. Diane Horstman of Busy Bee Inspirations is a lady who knows service. A pleasure to work with and well, just a super gal. Now here is the story of how I came to meet her. I sold hay to my neighbors, who Diane happens to provide services to. We were talking about my new venture and I was told about Diane’s website services. To cut the story short, I called Diane and she came to meet me. It didn’t take but a few minutes for me to know I wanted Diane to build my website. She will go the extra mile and give you the extra service. Now I consider her a new friend. So do you need a new website or one updated? Take a look at her work at you will like what you see!

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  1. Just wanted to say I hope everyone is enjoying this site and finding it helpful.
    I must say Thank You to My Daughter Rose for her help in posting pictures and Information.
    I enjoyed working with Diane at Busy Bee Inspirations during her work in creating the site. She was invaluable and i would recommend her to anyone. She truly delivers Service.

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