Dust Collecting

I agree. What kind of title is this?

Well today i am asking you what is collecting dust for you>

we often Buy and collect what we like today. We display it and enjoy it for a while, then we find something new or just need to change what we are displaying. What we have becomes dust collectors. We put in the back of a shelf or a closet. we dont want to sell it because it made us smile. Maybe it is a family heirloom, surely you dont want to sell that. so we let it collect dust.

Is dust collecting bad? only you can decide this.

I have a large supply of dust collections. Why am i talking about dust collections? well maybe its time for you to sell some and buy new ones. let your dust collection be another SMILE another treasure

We have are stocking our latest lot of dust collector collection this morning. Come by and see if it is your treasure.

Let BIG mike find it if we dont have it.

Until next time HAPPY shopping, Picking or traveling.

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