One of my favorite past times is looking at old photos.

Every photo tells a special story, most of them will bring a smile. Each photo is a reminder of our personal history, a time line of events. Most of them bring happy memories, and that is what i enjoy the most. The other day i was asked why do people buy antique photos of people they dont know. My answer was simple, it brings them smile, ignites a memory and that is what brings joy.

I enjoy pictures especially the old ones of my family, i dont always know how the people in the picture are related, i just know they are family. I know they tell a story, they show an event, and they are a time in my families history. Every picture will tell you a story, sometimes it takes time to study it or look at more from that collection, but the story is there. Today we take most of our pictures with our cell phone or a digital camera, i use these but enjoy the old printed ones the best.

Pictures are like art, every person sees something a little bit different. Like artwork we each enjoy our own individual scenes or type, and that is why old photos, even those of people or places you dont know are sought after by collectors. They bring smiles and joys, they ell history. They are TREASURES.

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  1. The old photos of family and friends can get me studying history, be it of genealogical history or of the location where the pictures were taken.

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