One of the things we cherish the most as we get older is Friends. I find this to be especially true for me.

I have been extremely blessed to have so many friends, many since High school. I have friends from the jobs and careers, throughout my life.

I write this as i have been Visited by some of these friends recently, and have so enjoyed those visits. This little resale shop of Collectibles, and vintage items is the perfect place for friends to meet. One of my recent visits was from a volunteer i was privileged to ride with while at CCEMS, he and his wife stopped by looked around and we reminisced about old times. When i Visit with my High school running buddy, we always get to laugh when we talk about the old times, the old ways,.

So to all my friends, i suggest you plan to come and meet your friends, look around our shop, The Hill Top Sales, and reminisce about days of joy. Let these little things bring you memories, and smiles.

We look forward to seeing you and renewing or making new friends.

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