What we have

Here on The hill Top, we have loaded up on those SPECIAL items. Those items we hope will make you smile, will bring back a happy memory.

Our shop is full and our storeroom is also. we are ready for the spring Round-top show.

We have over 50 collector dolls. collector bottles, Nascar, Die cast cars, trucks, tractors and equipment. We have a large collection of Pens & pencils.

We have art work, home decors, precious memories, Homco, etc. Ceramics and pottery. Baseball cards. Books, and puzzles.

Rockers and Mirrors.

Prices from .25 cents and up

We hope you stop by and visit us, tell us a story, and find a new old memory. we hope you leave with a smile, and a want to come back.

BIG MIKE is ready to to make a deal, tell a story and listen to yours. Big Mike is waiting to see Old friends and make new Friends.

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