Loved ones, Memories

Today i tell a personal story 0f family members who have passed on.

You ask what does this have to do with Hill Top Sales? Well as those of you following my stories know, i write about the items we find and cherish, that remind of us of our happy times in life. That is what this story is about, My Cousin Douglas Thorp was a retired navy Veteran, a Master chief and stationed most of his carreer at Pearl Harbor.

He studied the History of the attack on Pearl harbor and wrote his own brief history on this historic attack of our country. He presented this with a print of Pearl Harbor along with the American Flag that was flown over the Base and The USS Bismark Memorial as well as Hickman base command,each having signed documentation of those events to my Aunt Evelyn, When my Aunt passed away, Doug received those items back into his possession. Then to my Joy and surprise he presented them to me. I have displayed them in my office since . I am proud to have such items especially knowing the work and dedication he put into them.

When visitors ask, i am only to proud to tell the story. These cannot have a value placed on them, for they are personal, and remind me of the great trust and admiration that was given to me by my Cousin. Today 5 years ago he passed on, but his legacy lives on in his work.

Yes many items are just that priceless, and very special not because of the item but because of the MEMORY, The Story.

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