What is it worth?

You find an interesting old item, you ask i wonder what is it worth.am the caretaker of Items given to me that i would not sell at any monetary number. Yet some of those items have very little actual value. That makes it very easy for me to Keep. Other items i ask myself why dont you sell them as they are Quite valuable and rare. Well they are more valuable to me because i still remember the stories, the smiles and the special people.

Everyday i open the doors to Hill Top Sales i Smile and Remember a story. I opened this store because i believe i can buy and sell the value of the item and its story. No i wont raise the price because it is that special to you. Instead with the right story, i may discount it so you can smile and enjoy the memory and the story.

Recently I gave away free of charge a matchbox die cast fire truck to a Fireman. Why because of the very emotional story and what it meant to him. Because of his story I could not accept his money.

So to answer the Question what is it worth, well what is the story worth?

We hope you will come visit our store see a memory, and tell us the story.

4 thoughts on “What is it worth?

  1. And that is why you are not monetarily wealthy. You are a man rich in goodness and friends and family. The best kind of wealth is yours.

    1. Thank you for your kind words sis.

  2. I have my mother’s Elna sewing machine. She purchased this top of the line beauty in 1972. I remember how proud she was the day she got it. I took a special interest as I was creative ( in my own mind anyway). Sometimes I wonder its monetary value only of curiosity. Every time I sit in front of it and work on some project, I smile in my heart. It has seen better days, and needs to have newer wiring compatible with more modern outlets. Still, this is a gem, a priceless gem.

    1. The Elna sewing machines are varied in Value. The best i can find at this time is around $150.00 Depending on model and condition.

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