Road Trips

I always loved a good road trip. Going nowhere with no time limit. no schedule. Just driving the back roads.

The back roads are the best. you see the fields of green, the fields that feed us. the people that work the hardest to feed us. You see the livestock, the wild flowers, the hills and open spaces.

Driving those back roads bring memories of better times. they give peace and comfort as we are closer to nature. I am rightfully accused of seeing all the old tractors, cars and trucks. Junk to many, Treasure to me. I grew up with that junk, I learned how to drive with that JUNK. I learned how to plow, plant, and harvest with that junk. That junk had no luxuries, it was all manual, but it brought you close to your task at hand, it made you part of the task. So when i drive those back country farm roads i appreciate he work being done, i see the end food on our table. I admire he old equipment, and would love to operate some it once again.

I invite each of you to take a detour from the busy highways find a back country road and see the beauty of our country. take some time to look at that JUNK that made our country strong and FREE.

Junk or Treasure it is in the eyes of the beholder. I invite you to stop at Hill Top Sales and look around, We have Junk that just may be your treasure. After that back country road trip, maybe you’ll see more treasure then Junk. Maybe you’ll have a story to tell, lets have a cup of coffee and enjoy the memory.

My Favorite road trip vehicle is currently a treasure handed down to me and my wife from her father. A 1954 3100 Chevrolet pickup, purchased new by her Dad and Grandfather. Nothing like a road trip down the back roads in a classic family treasure.

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