Burton VFD BBQ

Hill Top Sales will be selling BBQ sandwiches, stuffed potatoes, and sausage wraps during the weekends of the Spring Round Top Antiques Show.

All Profits from those sales will be 100% donated to the Fire department. Burton VFD serves a large portion of western Washington County.

They are currently Building a new Fire truck. This truck will replace a much older truck, and is badly needed.

I ask every reader of this to stop by and get a sandwich, Sausage wrap or BBQ stuffed potato. My good Friend Big Frank along with my Wife Shirley and Daughter Rose will look forward to serving our BBQ to benefit the Fire Dept. Our Potato and sandwiches will be over stuffed, and filled with fresh Smoked on site BBQ beef or Pulled pork.

They will come with drink, and sandwiches will come with chips and drink. Serving will begin this Friday at 1030 and will be every Friday, Sat, and Sunday during the show.

We hope to see and serve you.

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