Remembering Mother

My Mother gave birth to me her 3rd child and First Son, Dubbed Dads #1 son. Yes i was the first son, and yes i Gave them Hell.

My Dad was a Busy man working and thus I was mostly raised by my Mother. she was strict and believed in stern discipline. Oh I hated being in trouble with my mother, as i knew the punishment would match the crime. Yet today i must say those punishments all WELL deserved were what taught me to understand the consequences to every decision i would make in life.

Mother Loved me, and she disciplined me when needed. She gave up a lot to provide for her children. yet we heard no complaints. My Mother and i didn’t get along with each other and went years without contact, she never quit Loving me, nor did i quit loving her. We Loved each other silently, yet somehow knew we were loved. As we grew older we mellowed and were able t o reconcile some differences, and had some very good visits. She spent a week with myself my wife and her two Grandchildren, Ray and Rose. It was truly a very Special time for us all.

Today as Honor and Celebrate our mothers i Reflect om my Mothers Memories. The most important was HER unending Love.

When My mother passed away, she showed me her Love as only she could, and only i would or could understand. She left me her few life precious and valued property. I dint expect o receive anything, yet she gave what was left to me. Her pictures, her notes, her cards. Yes Cards sent from me, She kept them all. The most Precious and most defining item was the one that without dout showed me her Love for Me was none other then 3 railroad spikes wrapped up inn tissue paper like something fragile and inportant. Well it was to her and me. You see those spikes were stolen from a railroad spur between Houghton, and Hecla S, Dakota. I Was given one of life lessons through harsh a discipline session, and was repeatedly reminded of the reason and need for those spikes. That they were important safety items to keep the Track secure.

When I opened that package and and unwrapped that tissue to find the treasure i Didn’t expect to find 3 old rusty railroad spikes, yet that package was and is the most treasured gift from my Mother.

I told you you wouldn’t understand.

Each of us have that Special Memory of our mothers, the Special Gifts, she gave us all through life. The lesson we were taught even through the harsh discipline, we still Loved and remember the love given.

Today those spikes lay in that box on the fireplace hearth, and remind me daily of that love.

What item in your life gives you that special memory?

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to All the Mothers.

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