Memorial day

Today i wish to share a few thoughts about a Man who served his country. I never personally knew this man, But i have Known his Spirit, his Love of his Country, and His Family. This man was my Great Grandfather Thomas Jackson Thorpe. He served with the 2nd Cavalry Leavenworth, Knasas. He was primarly the field cook, and did not see a lot of acual combat, but as we all know from history, he was one who treated the wounded.

He was accidently shot in the belly by one of his other troops, and suffered the rest of his life from that wound. He received military benefits to feed his family. He worked as much as he could but due o complications of that wound was unable to hold a steady job.

He taught his family how to work, and how to move on, he never wrote of any complaints of this. He just did what he could without complaint.

This man was an inspiration, to his family, and still is today.

He died from an infection and complications of that Gunshot never holding ill will to anyone.

I have read his writings often, and as do i get energized. I look forward and move on in my life. I did not serve in the military, nor did my Father, My father was disqualified due to a childhood accident and the loss of some fingers, I chose not to serve as the draft ended and i chose EMS as my career.

Many Members of my family have served including My Son and Daughter, To wich i am very proud, I have had Cousins Uncles and Aunts who served.

Friends who came home different then when they left.

Back to my Great Grandpa, today i wish to remember, him and give due respect to his service.

Thank you Grandpa for your dedicated service, and for helping make AMERICA GREAT.

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