Special Events

We all have had, been to or hosted a Special event.

This last Wednesday Hill Top Sales was The Host Recipeiant of a Washington County Chamber of Commerce, Ribbon cutting.

I personally found it to be very energizing and a boost to our visibility in our area. The Chamber of commerce does an outstanding job of promoting our local business and events. Thank you.

So as Special events go sometimes we need to think outside of the normal. I was asked to talk a little about our business,, and as i spoke about my Dad was just a little emotional. I spoke of my memory when i first started buying and selling with my Dad at an early age. I miss that. So what does that have to do with Special events?

Special events often involve Memories of past years. We show pictures and tell stories of good times. Here at Hill Top Sales we have many Items to not just show but use from the past. Show our young ones what we did as kids. What toys we played with, the tools we used. I could list many items that you could start telling stories about. Today ill just name one that just about everybody has used and enjoyed. The hand cranked Ice Cream maker. How many of you have stories of making your Homemade ice cream on the front porch with Grandma and Grandpa. My personal favorite was Home made peach Ice cream

By the way you all know that is how Bluebell got started.

So your next special event think about displaying some of those OLD but still working items of our past and keep that time alive.

We hope you find them here at Hill Top Sales

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