Memories of DAD

Last week we had our Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting. The Blue Blazers did a Great job, and we really appreciate the hard work they do do to promote the local Businesses. During the ceremony, I was asked to tell everyone what our little business was about, and why we chose it. Those in attendance immediately noticed my quick emotional voice as i Remembered working with my DAD, buying and selling, used furniture, antiques, and collectibles. From as long as my memory is i remember going with my dad to auctions, garage sales and estate sales. he would buy and sell just about anything that he could make a little money on. I fell in love doing just hat. One difference is just love the stories and the history that goes along with each piece.

Like my dad i enjoy the sale, he didn’t always make anything, sometimes he just gave it away. Yes i have done just that more then once, Just gave it away. Sometimes due to the special need, maybe the story, a special donation to a community need. Sometimes Just because its the right thing to do.

Hill Top Sales is here to provide a wide selection of Antiques, vintage, and collectible items, we will buy, sell consign and or find them for you. Dad wouldn’t have any other way!

2 thoughts on “Memories of DAD

  1. Happy for you Mike. Sounds like thinks are moving forward. Nice you have Rose to work with you.

    1. I know that I am happy to be working with Dad and learning more about the past.

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