Reliving Memories

This week i was able to connect with a very long time past nieghbor.

back in the early 60s we lived across the alley from each other and often played together. We connected again as he was selling a 1972 Dodge Monaco, and i was buying. Yes we made the deal. More importantly we reminised about times past.

I remember his mother statrting her Pizza empire right from their kitchen. it becam pretty famous in aberdeen and beyond. My family was happy to be tatse testers.

So as we visited and reconnected, he asked what i was doing with the car. I explained the business i am in and how i felt why people buy these old cars, and antiques. His simple statement, Helping People Relive memories.

This is the simplest of statement to describe my business. I buy and sell these special memories. I buy and sell the story. No Memory no Value.

Everyday i buy or sell a special item with a special story is a Great day for me. Some days i get a smile just for the story.

I truly Love what i am doing.


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