My Favorite Vehicle

My personal was a 1968 Delta 88 2 door hard top.

It was big, comfortable, and FAST. yes it was the car i drove and chauffered my closet friends in during our High school days. It was a fast and smooth car. It had the 455 Rocket engine, with 4bl carb. It was rebuilt once by my Uncle Wil bert, which after was even faster.

why my favorite’? most likely because it was fast,and comfortable for all us farm boys.

What would i pay to have that car again, i can not honestly answer that. It was a rare car as only a few were built, and even less with the 455 rocket engine. It was designed to be the family mans sports car. it was bigger then the cutlass but very much similar lines. with the 455 rocket engine it was a little faster.

what was your favorite, and why?

Tell us your story. everyone of us has a car or truck story, maybe the first one you drove, your memories of Grandpas truck. The family trips in that old station wagon.

Well Big Mike is interested because i Love old Classic vehicles. I want to rescue them, and get them in the hands of someone who will keep them rolling. Who will appreciate the value, the story, and keep the memories alive.

If your looking for that Special vehicle let me know, or if you know of one i would really appreciate the heads up.

Now i ask you again, What was your first or your favorite vehicle? please tell us your story.

Happy Memories.

1 thought on “My Favorite Vehicle

  1. My first car was a 1982 Oldsmobile Delta 88. I didn’t really care for it at first but, oh my goodness, the memories has made it my favorite.
    I am the oldest in the family and after I got my drivers license, I became the chauffeur, naturally. The Delta was big but drove and rode so smooth, like riding on air. We called it ‘The Boat’, because of its largeness, and for how roomy it was on the inside.
    As the oldest in the family, a lot of memories occurred with/in The Boat. One of the fondest memories was going to the beach…. I’m sure you’re asking ‘the beach?’. Yes. The beach.
    We fit a total of 13 people in The Boat on the day we went to the beach! Can you imagine? 13 people in that car?
    Thinking about it now, it probably wasn’t the best idea but we lived through it to tell it now… good times… good times!

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