Thanksgiving memories

Growing up in South Dakota, we had a large Famiky.

Our Thanksgiving meals consisted of a Large turkey and a lot of fresh vegetables our family consisted of 7 children and mom and dad. then add our guests we would have a very large spread of food. The house smelled of roasted turkey, and home made bread. When it was time to sit down the kids had a small side table and the adults sat at the big formal table. Dad would give the blessing of the bountiful harvest and carve the turkey. The Kids would fill their plates and sit at the side table. No paper plates back in the day. everything was served on Sundays best dishes. one thing i rember was that over sized turkey platter. the pies were served on pie platters, and every thing had a special dish to be served in.

After dinner the dishes had to be cleaned and put away. yep the kids got this job. then the Games began, we played many different board games, my favorite was Monopoly. this last thanksgiving i had the pleasure of playing that game with my grandson Austin. last year he beat me, this year after a hard fought battle i finally was able to win.

Hill Top Sales is full of special items from those special days. come and see and remember the good ole days. relive some memories. we have several original board games. we have that Turkey platter. or maybe the Glasses the kids grew up with.

Big Mike LOVES remembering those GOOD ole days. Every item at Hill Top Sales is a jog of those memories. It might be your Favorite Classic car, Truck, your favorite beer.

Come by and see what memories you can find at Hill Top Sales, and tell BIG MIKE the Story.

2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving memories

  1. One of my favorite games was Caram (? Spelling) the big board where we would shoot the rings into the corner pockets.
    I did enjoy those huge family gatherings with all the yummiest of food!
    It is because of those doing dishes for an hour afterwards though, that I insist on all throw away table settings. 😜

    1. I have the Caren Board, but no Rings.

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