As a young boy, I always looked through the catalogs, with dreams of the latest greatest toys. In Church, we learned of The Birth of our SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST. Now in my later years, I seem to celebrate the BIRTH OF JESUS more than the gifts. I also DREAM of the memories of CHRISTmas pasts.

I will see an old truck or maybe a favorite game, and it will bring back memories of times with family.

I recently ran across this old Monopoly game, it brought back memories of playing this game, for hours, with my cousins. I love what we do here at HILL TOP SALES, as we often get to see those old games and toys.

Every time I come to the office/store, I find myself thinking of those days gone by. I invite each and all to come by and share your memories. Look around and see what you can remember. Sure, should you find something you really want, it is for sale. Most of all, just come by share a memory, drink a cup of coffee and visit. For those of you to far away to visit in person, leave us a note or comment of your favorite memories.

CHRISTmas is a time to CELEBRATE the BIRTH of Jesus Christ and to rejoice in the BLESSINGS given us. A time of giving, a time of joyful celebration, a time of refreshment.


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